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The Taiwan Triangle

The relationship between the United States and China promises to do much to define this era. And what could determine this relationship might well be whether the two countries are able to continue to avoid armed conflict over Taiwan.

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Biden and Human Rights

During Joe Biden’s long career in the US Senate, he established a record of supporting human rights as a goal of American foreign policy. Now, as president, Biden’s commitment in this area is being put to the test.

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Le facteur Macron

En la personne du président français Emmanuel Macron, les États-Unis ont le meilleur allié qu’ils puissent espérer au Palais de l’Élysée. En fait, Macron est peut-être à l’heure actuelle le seul..

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Can Biden Govern?

The most significant thing that President Joe Biden said in his first prime-time address, on Thursday, March 11, was that in recent years, “We lost faith in whether our government and our democracy…

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