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But is this, indeed, the end of the “West”?

Let us remain immune to wishful thinking from both the Right and the Left.
Α quarter of a century ago the “End of History” had been predicted. That was at the most triumphant moment of the total victory of Liberal Democracy over Marxist-Leninist totalitarianism …

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Preventing the next eurozone crisis starts now

Jean Pisani-Ferry is a professor at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, and currently serves as Commissioner-General of France Stratégie, a policy advisory institution in Paris. European leaders have devoted scant attention to the future of the eurozone since July 2012 …

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Goodbye to the West

Now that Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States, the end of what was heretofore termed the “West” has become all but certain. That term described a transatlantic world that emerged from the twentieth century’s two world wars, redefined the international order during the four-decade Cold War, and dominated the globe – until now.

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Oui nous sommes Européens!

Nous sommes Européens, comme des centaines de millions de nos compatriotes, car nous pensons que l’Europe est notre destin, notre projet et notre espérance.
Nous sommes Européens car nous voulons que nos pays exercent pleinement leur souveraineté face à des défis tels que le changement climatique, l’évasion fiscale, le terrorisme islamiste ou l’agressivité russe.

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Trump and the Middle East

The next American president – amid his contradictions – has given the gist of his intentions for the Middle East. He looks forward to full normalization of relations with Israel, without the ‘deviations’ of the recent past. He rails against Iran, attaches great importance to Egypt and supports the Kurds while at the same time making eyes at Turkey.

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A Progressive Political Alliance for Europe

In less than three weeks, we will know who will be the next president of the United States. What kind of partner that president finds in Europe will depend substantially on the outcome of two elections in 2017: France’s presidential election in early May and Germany’s federal election by the end of October.
Of course, the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union will have an impact on the future shape of Europe.

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The Lessons of America’s Election

Donald Trump’s surprise election as the 45th president of the United States has spawned a cottage industry of election post-mortems and predictions, in America and abroad. Some correlate Trump’s victory with a broader trend toward populism in the West …

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Russia’s Path to Another Resurgence

Over the past year, Belarus – one of Russia’s steadfast military allies – began slowly warming up to the West. But the political changes going on in the United States and Europe could give the nation, and other former Soviet states, cause to reconsider.
Summary. After enduring three years of a foundering economy and feuds with the West, things may be looking up for Russia.

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China Captures a U.S. Navy Drone in the South China Sea

The Chinese navy has reportedly seized a U.S. Navy unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) in the South China Sea, adding a new layer of tension to the two countries’ uneasy relationship. According to several reports, China deployed a boat on Dec. 15 to capture the vehicle in waters 50-100 nautical miles northwest of the Philippines’ Subic Bay port, just before the USNS Bowditch was preparing to retrieve the UUV.

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