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Will Trump Bring Down the West?

I have spent my whole political life somewhere called “the West.” It was not literally “west”: while its heartland was Western Europe and the United States, it also included faraway countries like Australia and Japan. Rather, it was a community that embraced shared hopes and values. Reflecting America’s global leadership after World War II, the West was protected by US hard power and shaped by US soft power. And it was the most peaceful and prosperous place in the world.

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Le monde selon Trump

Quelle politique étrangère Donald Trump conduira-t-il ? Une semaine après l’élection présidentielle américaine, les chercheurs de l’Ifri se mobilisent pour répondre à cette question. L’étude qu’ils vous proposent de lire regroupe 14 contributions et couvre un large spectre de sujets, de l’avenir des relations entre Washington

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The presentstalemate in Cyprus could only be tolerated to continue if it can be attributed to flagrant Turkish intransigence

Α few days ago, promisingly progressing negotiations at Mont Pèlerin, in Switzerland, between the representatives of the Republic of Cyprus and the leaders of the Turkish-Cypriot community, eventually collapsed. The main reason of the failure was Ankara’s intransigent persistence to maintain on the occupied part of the island a sizable and enduring Turkish military presence.

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Donald Trump’s Foreign-Policy Challenges

During his campaign, US President-elect Donald Trump questioned the alliances and institutions that undergird the liberal world order, but he spelled out few specific policies. Perhaps the most important question raised by his victory is whether the long phase of globalization that began at the end of World War II is essentially over.

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