The question of the Dardanelle straits in the twentieth century

After World War I, a peace settlement was reached by most of the signatory nations at the Lausanne Conference and the Straits Convention, annexed to the Treaty of Lausanne, in 1923. In 1936 at Montreux, a new Convention was signed governing the regime of the Straits, with a provision for revision in 20 years.

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How Europe Became a Model for the 21st Century

Despite its long list of crises in recent years – including the most recent vaccine snafu – the European Union has become a global pacesetter. Its laws and regulations have established global norms. This has made the bloc a 21st century model.

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New Power Struggles in the Mediterranean

The emergence of new actors in the Mediterranean region has resulted in new economic, military, and ideological power struggles. Amidst this perilous and volatile backdrop, the European Union should strategically assess political trends and evaluate the costs of inaction.

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