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Erdoğan’s Pyrrhic Victory?

Turkish voters had a clear-cut choice when they cast ballots on Easter Sunday in a referendum on 18 constitutional amendments already approved by the National Assembly. A “Yes” vote would change their country’s political system and usher in a new era in Turkish history.

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Sharia Law in Thrace

By provision of the Treaty of Sevres (1920), by which territories in Western and Eastern Thrace, until then under Turkish sovereignty, were conceded to Greece, the Muslim segment of the population of those territories was to remain…

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The presentstalemate in Cyprus could only be tolerated to continue if it can be attributed to flagrant Turkish intransigence

Α few days ago, promisingly progressing negotiations at Mont Pèlerin, in Switzerland, between the representatives of the Republic of Cyprus and the leaders of the Turkish-Cypriot community, eventually collapsed. The main reason of the failure was Ankara’s intransigent persistence to maintain on the occupied part of the island a sizable and enduring Turkish military presence.

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