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Putin and the Apocalypse

ATLANTA — At the end of last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia had completed final testing of an “invincible” new hypersonic nuclear-capable missile

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Putin Family Values

LONDON — The fixation on the ongoing World Cup, during which an estimated one million foreign football fans, many from Europe and the United States…

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La bombe à retardement syrienne

L’actuel conflit en Syrie présente de nombreux points communs avec la guerre de Trente Ans qui ravagea le cœur de l’Europe – notamment la ville germanique de Magdebourg, sorte d’Alep de l’époque – entre 1616 et 1648.

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For Russia, Putin Power Is Losing Some of Its Shine

Despite a show of strength and a charm offensive, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government is beginning to show its age. Russia is facing a dangerous protest movement against Putin’s system, and he has responded with heavy-handed crackdowns and winsome public appearances

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