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New Power Struggles in the Mediterranean

The emergence of new actors in the Mediterranean region has resulted in new economic, military, and ideological power struggles. Amidst this perilous and volatile backdrop, the European Union should strategically assess political trends and evaluate the costs of inaction.

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The frivolous Mr. Stiglitz

It was an unpleasant surprise to hear that you participated along with other US academics in preparing a plan for Greece to exit the euro in 2015. The feeling was even harder, since you still believe that it was “carefully set” and seem rather disappointed for not finally implemented.

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Macédoine(s) : un essai de méthodologie

L’explosion de la Yougoslavie post titiste sous l’effet des exigences destructrices des institutions financières internationales, des appétits d’un certain nombre de pays plus ou moins voisins (Allemagne, Autriche), de la détermination, plus profondément, des tenants du néo-libéralisme soutenus par les autorités américaines de rendre l’espace yougoslave…

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Can American Democracy Come Back?

America’s ideals of freedom, democracy, and justice for all may never have been fully realized, but now they are under open attack. Democracy has become rule of, by, and for the few; and justice for all is available to all who are white and can afford it.

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Steve Bannon’s European Adventure

NEW YORK – After being cast out of the White House and Breitbart News, Stephen K. Bannon, often referred to as the mastermind of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, has vowed to remake Europe. His organization, called “The Movement” and based in Brussels, aims to unite Europe’s right-wing populists and take down the European Union in its current form.

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Germany’s Dangerous Nuclear Flirtation

BERLIN – As in a game of chess, there are geopolitical moves through which a country can – unwittingly – checkmate itself. Opening a debate on German nuclear weapons would be such a move. Yet this is exactly what some Germans have recently proposed.

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